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Portfolio of Bram Stege

Here you will find some of the projects I've worked on in the last couple of years.

Projects & work
Primephonic • music streaming apps
Behapp • research tool
Mibo • video conferencing tool
KUNAI • game for Nintendo Switch & PC


2018 - 2021
For the independent Dutch startup Primephonic, I designed the UX from first wireframes to final design.

Create a UX that resembles well-known patterns by Apple Music and Spotify, so people could easily find their way around, but deviate where the content was different. For instance, in regular music streaming apps, there is no "composer" entity. So together with the team, we came up with entirely new screentypes within the genre of music streaming apps. Such as the "Composer Screen" and the "Work Screen".


  • UX Concept
  • iPhone UX Design
  • Android UX Design
  • Browser-based web player UX Design
  • Marketing Website (Webflow project)
  • Account pages UX Design


  • Sketch (Design)
  • Flinto (Prototyping)

Primephonic was acquired by Apple in August 2021 and taken offline immediately. Read the press release


Behapp is an app that is used during research into certain brain diseases.

Help the University of Groningen in creating an app that is clean, unbiased, but conveys professionalism. Work together with the developers and visual designer to create an ecosysstem that is recognizable without messing with the clean UX of the product.


  • iOS and Android app UX design
  • Applying the new Brand Identity on website and apps


  • Sketch (Design)
  • Webflow (Website)


2020 - 2021
Mibo is a video conferencing tool for informal online gatherings, team meetings etc. I helped them with their initial website and with translating their new Brand to the website and account pages.

Create a website that conveys the message, without taking up too much of development time. Design pages that are user friendly and are flexible enough to pivot the product, pricing etc during further development and scaling of the company.


  • Initial Website Design
  • Applying the new Brand Identity on website and account pages


  • Sketch (Design)
  • HTML & CSS (vuejs)


2017 - 2020
As part of the TurtleBlaze team, I was responsible for production, (game)design and all marketing assets for premium game KUNAI. It was released in February 2020 on Nintendo Switch, Steam and Limited Run Games.

I joined TurtleBlaze when they were looking for a new publisher, so I helped them finalizing a demo, that we took to the Game Developer's Conference in 2018. We finally signed with The Arcade Crew after Gamescom 2018 where we had a booth.

As the release date was closing in, for me the workload focussed less on the game design, but shifted towards store presence, a boxed version and the game's trailer.

Do whatever it takes to get this game made and sold. It had to look professional from the gamer's first contact untill the end credits roll.


  • Process Management
  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Trailer
  • Box Design
  • Steam Store Assets
  • Nintendo eShop Assets
  • TurtleBlaze Website
  • KUNAI Website


  • Sketch (Store Assets)
  • Affinity Designer (Graphical Design)
  • Webflow (Websites)


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